iTechManage is a global service provider delivering value driven software products lifecycle solutions and IT management solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients.

Application Services

Improve application ROI while out-maneuvering the competition

In today’s global, Internet-enabled economy, change impacts your business at the speed of light. Blink and you’re already behind not only your projections, but also your competition. iTechManage helps enterprises pass their cost efficiencies directly through to the bottom line by enhancing the real-time performance of their critical applications.

What iTechManage can do for you

  • Optimize ROI from new, aging, and legacy application systems
  • Increase your ability to compete globally by integrating leading Internet-enabled applications
  • Improve your response to customer needs by keeping critical enterprise software up-to-date
  • Speed the pace of technological change within your organization while minimizing costs
  • Recapture the business logic inherent in legacy applications

iTechManage range of services

  • Building new applications
  • Maintaining and enhancing enterprise critical applications
  • Increasing performance of legacy applications
  • Web enabling for increased visibility and usability
  • Creating streamlined, end-to-end virtual business processes
  • Developing new, customized applications engineered for a perfect fit
  • Increasing performance of legacy applications
  • Integrating new, re-engineered, reconfigured legacy systems
  • Redeploying a smoothly functioning body of enterprise applications


For companies in all industries, the task of finding, acquiring and retaining customers is a bigger challenge than ever before. Businesses must make the most of information available via customer interactions by systematically obtaining, maintaining and sharing it across all customer touch points. Many organizations are adopting industry-accepted business models and best practices to maximize returns from their customer relationships and the customer information they acquire.

However, ensuring a successful CRM Implementation requires extensive knowledge of the industry, and technology solutions available in the market.

iTechManage's CRM implementation expertise helps customers extract maximum value from CRM investments and make the most of customer interactions and relationships. We can help you adopt appropriate industry-specific CRM best practices, which can be incorporated into custom-built applications, scalable packaged applications and hosted solutions.

Most of all, we help you navigate through the technical and organizational challenges for CRM implementation to speed time-to-value – a key concern for any customer-focused organization.

  • Enterprise CRM Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Upgrade and Migration
  • Application Care
  • Develop Custom CRM as per requirement

Mobile Solutions

Integration of legacy or web-enabled applications to the wireless world has many advantages. It enables employees to have instant access to business-critical information regardless of their present location. Some of the advantages gained from mobile solutions are listed below:

  • It allows enterprises to achieve high gain in efficiency and productivity
  • Wireless solutions allow enterprises to reduce costs while increasing productivity and generating new revenues
  • Also, enterprises can provide better customer service at the point of customer interaction

The wireless technology is continuously evolving with time. Mastery requires clear and quick understanding of the complexities involved in this advanced technology. Clear understanding, technical expertise and experience to handle all the integration issues is needed to develop solutions that is robust, effective and dynamic enough to adapt to continuously evolving technologies and standards.

iTechManage Professionals offers our clients with skilled, knowledgeable and experience team. Our consulting service helps us to identify opportunities to see how this technology can prove beneficial for a specific business process. Our experience allows us to properly handle all integration issues involved. Some of our mobile services include:

  • Designing and developing Enterprise Mobile Solutions
  • Custom Software Development involving Mobile Technologies
  • Wireless Game Development
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IT Management Solutions

We provide enterprise IT management solutions to manage IT infrastructure (devices, resources), applications and services in a seemless fashion to redcue the cost of managing enterprise IT and improving operation effciency of enterprise IT. Our objective is to provide customized solutions using already well known products including OpenView(HP), System Center Operations Manager(Microsoft) and Tivoli(IBM) to suit enterprise IT demands.

We actively focus on delivering best management solutions for above mentioned platforms with the objective of easing the efforts required by IT administration people and automating custom management processes to increase efficiency of enterprise IT to enable customers to benefit maximum out of their IT investments. We proactively look for opportunities in our customer enterprise IT environments to provide them with best quality automated management solutions.

We also offer solutions to migrate management solutions from one framework to another framework and also help our customers to follow best management solution practices to reduce their IT spending on enterprise IT management solutions. We provide management reports based on provided management solutions to help higher level managements with suitable information to help them in enterprise IT planning and identifying bottlenecks in IT efficiency.

In order to be effective, management solutions must be rapid, accurate and continuous. The unfortunate reality is that even if management solutions are correctly applied today, the same may need to be re-addressed whenever there is some change in IT environment or change in IT operations. We address this problem by providing easily upgradable management solutions and actively helping our customers to upgrade management solutions with quality support.

Financial Solutions

Financial Applications for financial services sector like Banking, Insurance,Investments helps achieve competitive advantage through cost reduction, providing better customer services, creation of new business opportunities, providing seamless integration of business processes while complying with regulations.

Globalization, consolidation and regulatory constraints in the banking industry have made information technology a tool for staying ahead of their competitors. However, there are challenges involved with these IT initiatives like complexities involved in application security issues and security management.

iTechManage Professionals with its domain and technical expertise, business consulting capabilities helps in delivering solutions that helps them achieve efficiencies in their business operations. Our solutions are easy to use, have high user acceptance, flexible and are technically and functionally robust. We can help in customizing, maintaining or developing applications related to loan processing, transaction processing solutions, interfacing with banks, exchange gateways, customer account management, financial web solutions like internet banking.

eBusiness Solutions

Our core expertise in Internet technologies has positioned us strongly in providing eBusiness solutions.

The strength of our team and partners has enabled us in providing complete eBusiness solutions including payment gateways, e-collaboration, B2B and B2C. Our consulting strength also helps in providing start-ups and small businesses in streamlining their business strategy.

Our experience in OS Commerce customization, payment gateway integration and complex back-end management helps in building economic E-Commerce solutions. With our Supply Chain and Financial domain knowledge, we can provide complete end-to-end E-commerce solutions.

Start-ups and small businesses benefit a lot by our engagement for multiple reasons including but not limited to our flexibility, our adaptability, our domain knowledge and our inexpensive services.


Knowledge Solutions

We have a unified, scalable, robust and extensible solution for Knowledge Management which has already helped our existing clients.

Our perspective of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management allows any Application user or end user to quickly and easily leverage knowledge from a wide range of sources including internal knowledge articles, integrated knowledge base solutions, backend records, user profiles and history, user directory services, reporting, corporate intranet, the web, and more.

Providing users with the means to harness the power of Knowledge Management improves quality and efficiency and scaling the business while effectively managing costs and resources.

Knowledge Management comprises a range of practices used by organizations to identify, create, represent, and distribute knowledge for reuse, awareness and learning.

Knowledge Management attempts to manage the process of creation (or identification), accumulation and application of knowledge across an organization. Knowledge Management, therefore, attempts to bring under one set of practices various strands of thought and practice relating to:

  • Intellectual capital and the knowledge worker in the knowledge economy
  • The idea of the learning organization
  • Various enabling technologies such as knowledge bases and expert systems, help desks, corporate intranets and extranets, Content Management, wikis and Document Management

Features of our Knowledge solution

We can help organizations to enable the following scenarios for their existing or new Products and help to avoid rework and increase productivity:

  • Search knowledge articles from existing application if there is a way to extend it
  • View a knowledge article through the portal if the application has a web component
  • Browse knowledge articles by category
  • Authoring a New Knowledge Article Template
  • Authoring a New Knowledge Article with images and other embedded objects
  • Create arbitrary Knowledge Article with Word, Excel and other content
  • Embed Tasks into a knowledge article
  • Approving a New Knowledge Article
  • Give Feedback on a knowledge article
  • Add a comment on a knowledge article
  • Link Knowledge Article to another Knowledge Article
  • Link Knowledge Article to other Entities that exist in the backend system
  • Assistance Platform (Technet) Integration

Technology overview

Our Knowledge Management solution is build on top of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). Since Microsoft Office Suite is compatible with WSS, we can use all range of Office Applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc as the Authoring tool for knowledge. One can simply author a Knowledge Article in Word and it can be directly stored in repository. However we can easily customize our Knowledge Management Solution on any backend.

Moreover, since most of the organizations already have existing Knowledge base, we approach it in two ways:

  • Support the existing Knowledge format (template)
  • Provide transformation tools, which transform the existing Knowledge article to the format supported by us. Our Knowledge base is based on existing Knowledge standard like MAML or OpenXML

Authoring feature also comes with workflow support. After the Knowledge article is authored, one can send that for approval or further comments before it is actually exposed to outside world.

Miscellaneous features:

  • A knowledge authoring experience driven by the rich set of Office client applications
  • Integration with LOB Products and TechNet (via Assistance Platform) knowledge
  • Expose knowledge articles over Web

SharePoint advantages

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration are critical issues in businesses with large number of employees. Intranet Portals help resolve these issues in a business when deployed and customized in the right manner. These portals also help in integrating diverse and existing applications on a single platform for ease of access and management.

Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and SharePoint Services offer a very cost effective and scalable way to build enterprise portals to share, integrate and collaborate information and applications across departments and employees.

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